In 2011 Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton returned to northern England from the west coast of Ireland, and began revisiting the landscape around Devoke Water, in south-western Cumbria – the place that provided the focus for their first collaborative album, Wolf Notes. Eighteen months later their new recording is a follow-up in the most literal sense, extending and developing the themes that first appeared in Wolf Notes, beginning with the piece Succession, which takes the last recording on Wolf Notes as its starting point, and ending with the piece Relics, which casts the landscape in a very different light.

1. Succession (7.22)
2. Wolfhou (19.13)
3. Seed Memory (20.44)
4. Relics (12.48)


The recording is accompanied by the publications, Wolfhou and Relics, which are available separately, or with the music, as part of a Special Edition which also includes the otherwise unavailable List of Probable Flora – a pamphlet which expands upon the List of Probable Grasses first published in the original Wolf Notes pamphlet.

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