The Lull







The Lull by Julian Hyde
Published by Voices in a Lane
20pp / 245 x 145 mm
Edition of 200

Julian Hyde has been tracking the ever-changing edgelands of the Lake District for over ten years – areas that the National Trust, Cumbria County Council and the heritage and tourist industries would rather you didn’t discover. This is Hyde’s ‘Lane’ – an ‘unseen realm between the main road and the church’, first documented in his sought after three-volume Book of Days, and now in The Lull, an oblique narrative of hope and despair, clarity and blurred vision(s):

“those old goalposts by the boatyard, the death threat graffiti on the derelict cowsheds. Pitch black, but I know the barb-wire wound woodland watches the sweat form on my brow, reads the notes I began to scrawl on a tattered copy of ‘Metro’, for what would become this accidental reverie: … faces of lost friends flickering beyond smeared glass … jackdaws follow the train – impossible; but i see their blue eyes glinting …”

The Lull is augmented by the stark drawings of Alasdair Maclean, and is accompanied by four A5 postcards featuring further work by Alasdair and photography by Julian himself. The typography is by Corbel Stone’s own Richard Skelton.

Enter The Lull “as the small town’s magic hour begins to envelope our histories, dissolve our maps”.

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