Light Issued Against Ruin







Light Issued Against Ruin
herbert pfostl
The Brother In Elysium

“What you are looking at are banners, formed by force and patience, a wounding by the wonders of this world. White air of hymns in fields of care, they are a gathering of signs, symbolic sympathies, abstracted revelations. To the paper memory of plants, of minerals and saints; for the recovery of light, I traced their form in fragments. As landscapes of last things, they are structured in silence. What we return to: a crystal rest.”

“Light Issued Against Ruin” is an exquisite book, printed and bound with great skill and care by Jon Beacham. It contains the work of Herbert Pfostl, whose Paper Graveyard is a treasury of visionary fragments.

These few words and pictures can’t do justice to the quiet, luminous power this work gently exerts. We urge you to support the work of a singular artist, and that of a very fine press.