“Climate is recorded, weather is experienced” … “Like a chain-shot into a plantation” … 1845, September, Helm wind from the east … Anemos (wind) … 1857, March, Wind of great fury … “This steady roaring torrent of air” … Anima (breath) … 1859, May, Houses partially unroofed, trees broken, fences and stone walls damaged, death of a man employed to cut down damaged tree … “Those of breath, omen” … Animare (to give life) … 1868, October, Strong helm wind, lifting tents in the air, facilitating opportunistic theft.

B.G. Nichols’ Helm is a fascinating resource and assemblage of variegated forms: discursive, stochastic, anecdotal. It compiles all known published reports of the Cumbrian ‘Helm wind’, along with excerpts from writers and commentators including William Hutchinson, Guy Murchie, Lyall Watson, Tim Ingold and Thomas Robertson. The booklet is completed by a CD ‘original soundtrack’ by Dave Kirby.

Published via Place Editions.