The Accidental Archive


Julian Hyde is no stranger to this blog. His work is required reading for those seeking an authentic rendering of the edgelands of the ‘real Lake District’. The ‘Lane’ is at once a real place and a hermetic personal mythology. Hyde draws all kinds of objects, texts and images into his orbit, assimilating and reconstituting them.

His life’s work began during a moment of terror – an encounter in which his very life was threatened, but which resulted in “a new state of consciousness”. A strange kind of gift, for which, Hyde writes, “I must forgive him his moments of violence”. Over the ensuing decade the accidental archive began – hundreds of photographs and lines of typewritten text, overwritten in pencil. Three highly sought after (and now out-of-print) volumes resulted, all dedicated to an enmeshing of his own tortured private narrative into astonishingly beautiful documents of the overlooked.


Now, there is a large format magazine, entitled The Accidental Archive #1. The first in a series? Amongst its pages are pieces by Alasdair Maclean, Neil Jackson & Craig Turnbull, Nick Papadimitriou and our own Richard Skelton – but these are essentially satellites, circling the words and images of Hyde as he regurgitates and swallows the last eleven years of elation and misery. Look away if you can…

Published by Voices in a Lane.