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Memorious Earth









Memorious Earth
Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton
Book + DL + CD-R + Edition

Memorious Earth is a beautifully produced 128-page book documenting the artists’ Cumbrian work over the past half-decade. More than simply a retrospective catalogue, it incorporates all their previously published (and now out-of-print) text works alongside full colour photographs, notes and bibliographies. Crucially, it also adds two new poem sequences, Of the Elm Decline and The Medicine Earth, which situate their earlier, field-oriented studies into an oblique mythopoeic narrative of environmental succession, incorporating material from a wide-ranging sources, including herbal texts and Old English leechdoms.

Full print contents:

i. Wolf Notes (2010)
ii. A List of Probable Flora (2013)
iii. Relics (2013)
iv. Wolfhou (2013)
v. Of the Elm Decline (2015)
vi. The Medicine Earth (2015)

The book is accompanied by a download card for a multi-album ‘archive’ of all extant ‘*AR’ recordings made during the past half decade. To these is added a new recording – the soundtrack to a film, also entitled Memorious Earth, which will be screened at a number of events over the summer months.

Full audio contents:

i. Wolf Notes (2010)
ii. Succession (2013)
iii. Echoless (2013)
iv. Diagrams for the Summoning of Wolves (2015)
v. Memorious Earth (2015)

To commemorate its release, Corbel Stone Press has also produced a special ‘archive box’ in an edition of just twenty exemplars, containing a variety of media, prints and artefacts.

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Bark, Xylem


Bark, Xylem
Richard Skelton

Edition of 100

Fourteen poems and fragments of the wood and field – a stark, urgent collection of voices, songs and petitions written between 2009 and 2012.

    “I have saved
    these words for you
    held them in my mouth
    between tooth and tongue
    thorn and branch
    unvoiced until now
    when they fall
    but necessary
    like leaves”

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